Redoing a Motion

While performing a DynaROM exam, it's as simple as a couple of button clicks to redo a set of motions.

1. Save or Redo.

  • At the end of the DynaROM exam, the software will prompt you asking if you would like to Save the exam or Redo a part of the exam before saving.
  • Select Redo to perform a part of the exam again

  • You do not have to wait until the end of the test to redo a section

2. Using the 'Previous' button.

  • After completing a motion and before beginning a new motion, click on the 'Previous' button to go to the motion you would like to redo

3. Clear

  • Once you have selected the motion you would like to redo. Click on 'Clear' and then click 'Yes' to redo the motion

4. Review

  • Once you have redone the desired motions, click on 'Review' to save your exam.