Updating Your MyoVision Software

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This guide will take you through the steps of upgrading your MyoVision software.

**PLEASE NOTE: Updating your software will change some of your settings. To get the software setup after you've downloaded it, continue through the entire article.**

How to Upgrade Your Software

Before updating your MyoVision software make sure to backup your database and close all instances of the MyoVision software on the computer.

  1. Visit myovision.com/download and select Download Now
  2. Wait for the MVSW file to finish downloading. Then, open the file to begin upgrading your software.
  3. When the installer reaches the following window:Select the bottom option, "I have already registered my software." Then, click Next to continue.

  4. Let the software finish running the installer. You're MyoVision software will be up to date.
    **PLEASE NOTE: Updating your software will change some of your settings. To get the software setup after you've downloaded it, continue through the entire article.**

Setting Up Your New Installation of the MyoVision Software

This portion of the guide will take you through setting up your new version of MyoVision.

  • Single Device Mode - Controls whether you perform sEMG scans one scanner at a time or with both scanners.
  • Escan - Make your exams mobile by sending them directly to your patients cell phone or to your patients email.
  • Thermography Device Setup - Configure the software for your type of Thermography device.

**PLEASE NOTE: Updating your software will change some of your settings. To get the software setup after you've downloaded it, continue through the entire article.**

Single Device Mode

As of version 5.0.151 of the MyoVision software, you are able to perform the sEMG static scans with a single ScanVision scanner. If you have just updated your version of the MyoVision software, it will be set to single scan mode by default. To disable Single ScanVision Device Mode follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the Setup menu, go down to Settings, and select Devices.

  2. When the Preferences window opens, select ScanVision from the menu on the left. Then, look for the Single ScanVision Device Mode settings on the right. Left click the Enable box to remove the check mark and click OK to save your changes.


This section will help you get the Escan feature of the MyoVision software setup. The Escan feature allows you to send an exam to the patient's email or directly to their cell phone. In order to use this feature MyoVision requires you to setup a working outgoing mail server.

Step1: Open Email Escan Settings

Start the MyoVision software and select Setup > Settings > Email to open the EScan Email Setup window.

Step 2: Input Your Email Settings

On the EScan Email Setup window:

  • Enter in the full email address into the email address/user name field
  • Enter the password for the email address.
  • Choose email service provider from the dropdown box.
  • If you are using Gmail or Yahoo, there is a security setting you need to change for each account, please see the following articles:

The email service provider box will allow you to select from a pre-configured list of popular email providers. Select your email service provider from the menu and skip to the Send Test portion of the article. If your email provider is not listed, click the Advanced button and read Advanced Email Setup (next step).

Send a Test Message

Once all your information has been entered, click on Send Test to test the email settings and ensure that the email feature is working properly.

  1. Enter a recipient's email address (this can be your own email for testing purposes)
  2. Click Send

If your email settings are configured correctly, and you are connceted to the internet, you should receive both the test email, and a confirmation message. Click OK.

If you received a failure or any other error message:

  • Ensure that you are connected to the internet
  • Verify your email and password
  • Contact your email service provider to verity your SMTP settings

Video Tutorial

If the email service provider that you use is not listed you will need to do an Advanced Escan Setup.

Step 1: Enter your Information in the Advanced Tab

  1. Enter the Host name (SMTP [outgoing] Server Address).
  2. Select the Login Method.
  3. If needed change the outbound port number.
  4. Enable/Disable SSL/TLS Encryption.
  5. Select "Create" to save these settings.

Step 2: Save your Email Settings under a Custom Name

  1. Make sure that WinScan98 is listed as the "Save In" folder.
  2. In this line enter the name of your Email Service Provider.

Tutorial Video

Watch the following to see our Technical Support Team do an Advanced Set-up

Thermography Device Setup

The software will need to be configured for your Thermogrpahy device type (VisionPort2, ThermoVision, or C-5000)

  1. Open the Setup menu, go down to Settings, and select Devices.
  2. Click on Thermography in the list of device types, on the left side of the window. Click on the drop-down menu and set it to your Thermography device type. Click OK.

If the software requests your calibration values, call 1-800-969-6961 Option 2 for Support and a member of MyoVision's Technical Support can look up the values for you.

Troubleshooting Issues During Installation

If during the installation process the software fails to install or update follow the troubleshooting steps below.

  • Check you computer for updates. If the computer has update that need to be run the software may not be able to install properly.

To check for updates in Windows 10 you will need to open Windows Settings, then select the Update and Security option.