Just like other wireless devices each MyoVision handheld device is paired to it's hub unit. The pairing process is called a bind. When a device is bound to it's hub unit, the hub saves this pairing on the hardware itself. This means that if you need to move the device between computers or locations the hub will stay bound to its handheld devices.


Charge Indicator

A light positioned next to the Charging Port on rechargeable MyoVision devices. When the device is initially plugged in the light should turn orange or amber. Once the device is fully charged the light should turn to green.

Charge Jack

The Port on the device where the charger plugs into, in order to recharge the device. Located next to the Charging Light.

Connect Light

A light positioned on tope of the device next to the Power Indicator light. If the light is green, it means the device is paired and ready for use. A red flashing light means the device needs to be paired. A solid red light means the device is in pairing mode and can be paired with a SoloVision or PhysioMonitor.



Toll with leadwires and electrodes that are placed directly on the patient's skin.


Enhanced GUI

A more enhanced and graphically sleek GUI (Graphical User Interface). Changing this setting will change whether the MyoVision software uses the new or old interface graphics.

EP Stress Score

The Electrophysiological Stress Score or "EP Stress Score" is simply a single number which provides a summation of all the electrical activity measured with the MyoVison Static sEMG from a single test. In other words, if you take the readings in microvolts displayed on the screen, and add each of these numbers (on both left and right sides of the spine), you have the EP Stress Score. A major VA Hospital research study found that the sum of all the electrical activity measured by the MyoVision Static sEMG provided an excellent means of tracking patient progress. Patients that improved over a 3 month period had a statistically significant decrease in their EP Stress Score. This simple single number provides both the doctor and patient with a very simple means of tracking their progress over time, without having to understand the more complex bars and arrows presented by the graphic without EP Stress Score.


A feature of the MyoVision software that allows you send patients their exams directly to their email or mobile device. For more information on getting Escan set up visit our support articles.


Feature Pack

As MyoVision devlops new features for the software, our software development team will release these features in updates known as Feature Packs. The software will tell you which Feature Pack your Registration Key is active for in the bottom-right corner of the home screen.


Handheld tool for measuring ROM.


MMS Gateway

Text and media messages use a similar system to email to transmit data. Just like an email address ends in an"" (,, etc.) each cell phone provider has their own Gateway that text and media messages are sent through for the specific carrier. The MyoVision system is able to use the Gateways for cell phone carriers to send exams to patients as media messages using the MMS Gateway that carriers transmit data through.

Mode 1

Mode 1 is an SQL setting. In Mode 1 the software uses the local Windows account to access SQL, instead of the "sa" login.


Network Database

A network database is when MyoVision is installed on multiple computers on a network to sync data across the computers.


Online Interpretation

Visit and purchase an online interpretation report, get your report interpreted by MyoVision experts.



Larger hub unit that requires both an external AC Adapter for power and a USB cable to connect to the computer. PhysioMonitors are able to connect to multiple types of devices.

Power Indicator

The Power Indicator is a light that is positioned Next to the Connect light. When the light is green it means the device is ready to use. If the light turns red or amber you will need to plug the device into recharge if it is rechargeable, otherwise you will need to replace the batteries.


Quickscan Pads

QuickScan pads produce accurate readings from the ScanVision Scanner it's important to reduce the skins impedance. For example, with an EKG test, a gel is used between the electrode and the skin to reduce the "resistance" of the skin in order to properly transfer the electrical signal to the device's amplifier. The QuickScan pad liquid does the same thing; It provides a strong, solid electrical connection between the scanner and the motor neurons we are trying to measure. QuickScan pads can not be substituted with rubbing alcohol.


Registration Key

A Registration Key is required in order to activate the features of the MyoVision software. To request a new Registration Key, you must have a valid Annual Software Subscription or have purchased your MyoVision system less than a year ago. To request a Registration Key, email



The sEMG handheld static scanner.

Select Switch

A switch found on ScanVisions and FlexVisions that sets the device to be either Right or Left on ScanVisions, and Main or Aux or FlexVisions.

Software Version

MyoVision frequently puts out software updates that include new features, bug fixes, enhanced graphics, and more. You can check your software version by opening the Help menu then by selecting the About the MyoVision Software option.


Smaller sized hub unit that can only bind to one type of device. If you look at the bottom of your SoloVision it should tell you which type of handheld device it is configured to work with.


SQL is a programming language that compresses and stores MyoVison data. Windows uses the SQL Server service to translate the data between the MyoVision software and the SQL data file.

SQL Server Browser

Used with Network Databases on the "Main" or "Master" computer to allow the "Client" computers to save and request data inside your database.

Start Button

This button starts the device when the Power Switch is set to on. It can also be used to move to the next site in an exam. On ScanVision and DynaVision devices the Start button is white. Whereas, the FlexVision devices have to red Start Buttons.


Transfer of Ownership

The MyoVision Wirefree System is a Class II Medical Device; which means it is a tool used for clinical assessment. To ensure the device meets "factory new" specifications, as required by the FDA, a re-certification process is required prior to our supporting the product. This will also ensure that you are notified of any legal updates and information that may arise. Included with a re-certification are: Any necessary repairs, a one year software subscription, and a one year manufacturer warranty.

Travel Switch

Marked as the Power switch on the device it should only be changed when the device is being moved. The switch must be set to on to start exams. The Travel switch for ScanVisions is on the left hand-side next to the portion of the label that says "Power". On FlexVision devices the Travel switch is on the front. DynaVisions have their Travel switch on the base of the device.


Version Number

Listed under the Help menu then by selecting the "About the MyoVision Software." As of April 2018 the current version is 5.0.159.