Can I power my PhysioMonitor using my Laptop charger?

No, you can NOT power your PhysioMonitor with a laptop charger. ONLY use a MyoVision power cable to power your PhysioMonitor.

A typical laptop charger has an output of 18 to 20 volts, whereas the PhysioMonitor power cable has an output of 5 volts. The difference in power output between a laptop charger and the PhysioMonitor power cable is enough to cause significant damage to the PhysioMonitor. Electrical damage to the PhysioMonitor is one of the most costly repairs.

If you have plugged your PhysioMonitor into the wrong power cable and it is no longer functioning properly, unplug your PhysioMonitor from power and call Technical Support.

Our Technical Support team is available Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, Pacific Time.  1-800-969-6961 Option 2.