Upgrade Your MyoVision Software


This document will instruct on how to update the MyoVision software to the most recent version.

Not sure if you have the most recent version? View the support article: How Do I Check My Software Version?

Before you Begin

  1. Before updating your software: create a backup file of your patient database and save a copy of it to an external source, such as a flash drive to prevent the loss of any data. Click here to learn how to save a backup of your data, 
  2. Updating your software may change some of your settings. To setup your settings, continue through the entire article after you have completed your software install.
  3. IMPORTANT: Make sure Windows 10 is fully updated before updating MyoVision. 

How to Update Your Software

1. Download the MyoVision Installer

  • Go to myovision.com/download and select "Download Now." When prompted to "Run" or "Save," select "Save".
  • When the download is complete, click Run.

2. Running the Installer

  • Click "Next".
  • When you get to this screen, select "I have already registered my software. I am installing an update at this time." and click "Next."

3. Configure Your Updated MyoVision Software

  • Configure your software for single or dual ScanVisions by following the instructions here.
  • Configure your Email with the instructions here. Note: This only works with Feature Pack A or later.
  • Configure your Thermography device with the instructions here. Note: if you have a Wirefree ThermoVision, you will only need to enter calibration values,

4. Troubleshooting Issues During Installation

  • Check for Windows updates. If the computer has updates to install, MyoVision may not install properly (see steps in Before You Begin above).
  • If problems persist, contact technical support at 1-800-969-6961, option 2 (M-F, 8am-4pm PST).