Equipment Check

You should perform an equipment check on your device if you are noticing inaccurate readings.

Equipment Check- Check the “STATIC” setting on the M8000 box
Note: If this switch is in the incorrect spot, your readings will probably look neutral or “green” all the way down the reading.


Look at the lights on the M8000 box. One will be labeled power. The other light should be next to the word “STATIC” spelled vertically.
 If the light is not on next to the word “STATIC,” check to see if it’s on next to the word “DYNAMIC” (also spelled vertically). If the light is on next to the word “DYNAMIC,” then you will need to toggle the switch in the middle of the box so that the light changes to “STATIC.”
Note: Sometimes, the light in the box can wear out, meaning that you may not see a light next to the appropriate signifier. Unfortunately, there is no way to remedy this as the M8000 box is no longer manufactured. 
 Try your scans again.
Equipment Check – Kinks in Wires
 Look at the cables (this includes the cables connecting your devices to the box, the box to the wall, and
 the box to the computer). Are there visible kinks? Are there exposed ends? 

Run your fingers down the cable to feel for any other bends or kinks in the cable.
 Your cables will not last indefinitely.  If you feel or see kinks in the cable, you will need to order new
 ones. You especially need new cables if there are exposed wires.
 After you have replaced your wires, try scanning again.
 Go to 
the MyoVision Store for Supply Sales to order new cables.
Equipment Check- Reset scanners to factory default (M8000 Only)
 1. Open the MyoVision Software.
 2. Go to “Setup” at the top of the screen. (This is above the “Backup” button).
 3. Hover over “Calibrate” and select “Static.” 
 4. A screen opens with an option titled “Factory Default.”Click this option.
 5. A screen opens that says you have reset your scanners to the factory settings. Click “OK.” 
 6. Re-try your scans.