How to Use Interpretation Report, DynaROM Interpretation

1. Saving your signature or logo in your interpretation report template


Outside of the MyoVision software, go into "WinScan98" folder which can be found in your C drive. Double click "Template" folder. You will need to save your signature/logo in both cervical and lumbar templates. Scroll down to the bottom of the template and click "Insert", "Picture". Then find your saved signature and insert at bottom of template. Be sure to save.


2. Generating interpretation report through MyoVision software


With a patient exam already open, right click anywhere on that exam and select "Interpretation Report". Select the template you saved your signature in and click OK. Change name of document and click Save. The interpretation report will open up in a Word document.


3. Using Interpretation Report


The interpretation report generator embeds patient and doctor information into report. Scroll down to page 3 to select from interpretation drop-down options. Click on the down arrow to view interpretation options. Go through and select from options based on what you find in exam. There's a space for a conclusion at the bottom.