Configuring Gmail to use with EScan

If you are a GSuite user, and are having issues sending an EScan through the MyoVision software, you will need to turn on a security setting called "allow less secure apps" withing your GSuite Account. Follow these steps to turn this setting on.

We do not recommend using email accounts that use GSuite. GSuite accounts have a number of settings controlled by the administrator that can prevent you from properly connecting your email account to the MyoVision software. If you are using GSuite, we recommend creating a new email account using Gmail.

Turn on Less Secure Apps in GSuite:

1. Log in to Gmail, click on the Account options (the 3x3 grid) in the top right corner and select "Account."


2. On the left menu, click "Security"  

3. Locate the "Less secure app access" setting. Click on the "Turn on access..." 

4. If this option isn't available, you will need to turn off 2-Step Verification,

  • If you want to leave 2-Step Verification on, you can create an "app password".

Send a test Escan from your MyoVision software to check whether the issue has been resolved. 

If you are still having difficulty sending, contact MyoVision technical support: call (800) 969-6961 x2 or email: