What are the Benefits of Upgrading my ScanVision sEMG?

The new 3-piece rechargeable ScanVision devices are here, with some new benefits to make your job easier. 

Upgraded 3-Piece ScanVisionsBattery Powered and 2-Piece ScanVisions
High ReadingsOrder a self-service replacement front-end. Change out your front-end piece in minutes so you can get back to scanning.

On the old style of scanner you needed to send your devices in to have the front-ends replaced.

Number of scans on a standard battery lifeNever buy batteries for your scanners again. Plus, get around 200 scans for each charge.Standard batteries are able to perform around 60 scans before the batteries run out of power.

If your cell phone charger puts out at least 2.1A you can charge them with your cell phone charger.

Is your battery dead? A quick 5 minute charge will get you through the next few patients.

Don't let batteries control your scan schedule. Be prepared to scan anywhere without worrying about the hassle of replacing batteries. 

Interested in getting your devices upgraded? Click the link below to begin the process of getting your devices upgraded, right now!

  • Upgrade Your Devices Here
  • Trade-in your battery powered ScanVisions for a set of fully certified refurbished ScanVision PLUS [+] Rechargeable sEMG without the downtime of upgrading your current devices. These ScanVision's have been upgraded from battery power to rechargeable, and have received a new circuit board, enclosures and posts. - Purchase your Trade-In Here