Troubleshooting Issues With Interpretation Reports

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This article will take you through the steps of troubleshooting errors and issues when trying to create an Interpretation Report

Check for Updates

**As of October 10th a major Windows update was released that includes updates to Office. If this update is pending or waiting to be installed on computer you may experience issues creating an interpretation report. The instructions below will guide you through how to install the Windows update that includes the Office update.**

If there are pending Windows updates, it can cause an error when trying to make interpretation reports. The instructions below demonstrate how to check for updates on Windows 10. To check for updates on Windows 7 follow the instructions click here for instructions.

You will want to make sure that the online service is enabled.

  1. Locate the "toolbar" at the top of the software and left-click "Setup", go down to "Settings", and select "General".  
  2. Make sure that the check box next to "Check for and use internet services if available" has a check mark. If it does not, left-click the box to place a check mark. Click, OK.

Now try sending an exam for online interpretation. Make sure that the exam that you want to send off for online interpretation is open. 

  1. Right-click the exam, move the mouse so that the cursor is over "Create Interpretation Report" and select "Online Service". 
  2. In the window that opens select whether you have "Already Purchased" your online interpretation service or whether you would like to "Purchase Now" your online interpretation service. 
  3. Fill-out the "Exam Interpretation Information" fields. When, you are ready, click "Send".