Troubleshooting Issues With Interpretation Reports

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This article will take you through the steps of troubleshooting errors and issues when trying to create an Interpretation Report

Check for Updates

**As of October 10th a major Windows update was released that includes updates to Office. If this update is pending or waiting to be installed on computer you may experience issues creating an interpretation report. The instructions below will guide you through how to install the Windows update that includes the Office update.**

If there are pending Windows updates, it can cause an error when trying to make interpretation reports. The instructions below demonstrate how to check for updates on Windows 10. To check for updates on Windows 7 follow the instructions here provided by Microsoft.

  1. Open Settings and select Updates and Security.

  2. Select the Windows Update option.

  3. This screen will tell you if you have any pending updates. Even if Windows doesn't show any pending updates, you will need to press the Check for Updates button to ensure you have the most recent version of Windows.** In order to ensure that all of the Windows updates have been installed, you will need to keep pressing the Check for Updates button until the computer can't find any more updates to run.**

Computer Resources

The first thing to check when you receive an error is the Resource Manager. If the resources on the computer are being used by a background application or update, there may not be enough resources to process the Interpretation Report. 

To check what resources being used by your computer:

  1. Close all open windows and programs.

  2. Open the Task Manager and click More details.
  3. Click the Performance tab at the top. With all programs and apps closed, the CPU, Memory and Disk Space should all be running at 40 percent or lower to not cause any conflict. If the computer has an up time greater than a day, you will want to restart the computer as well. If the computer is running with resources greater than 40 percent, you will want to bring your computer to a PC repair shop to be looked at. You can also Pre-Open Word so that the software doesn't have to use as many resources.

Pre-Open Word

If the resources on the computer are being used up and you need to create an interpretation report, you can also open Microsoft Word before creating the interpretation report. This will allow the MyoVision software to create the report without using as many resources.

If you were previously editing your interpretation report template make sure to open a new, blank word document and close the interpretation report template before trying to create your interpretation report.

Interpretation Report Templates Not Showing Up

If your interpretation report templates aren't showing up when you make a Local report, you will want to check the path that the software is looking at.

  1. Open the Setup menu from the top menu bar, go down to Settings, then go over to Exam Interpretation, and select Local.If this option is not available you are most likely running an older version of the software. Open the Setup menu, go down to Reports, and select Interpretation.

  2. In the Interpretation Settings window look for the area marked Template. By default this should be set to C:\\Winscan98\Template\. To change the folder the Template path is set to click the button marked, "..."
  3. In the Browse for Folder window locate the C:\\Winscan98\Template\ folder and click OK.Click Close to save your setting change.Try creating an interpretation report and see if the issue has been resolved.

Other Troubleshooting Steps

You will also want to check that your copy of Word is registered and activated. When you open Word it will tell you whether you have activated the software in the top-right corner. Try turning off the Office verification.

  1. Click on "Setup" at the top, go down to "Settings", then select "Exam Interpretation" and "Local". 
  2. Click the check box for "Skip Microsoft office verification". 

If the software is unable to create your interpretation report, the next steps are to try uninstalling and reinstalling Word from the computer.

Click the tab below that matches your Operating System version to see how to uninstall a program.