Can I Use the ScanVision On Children?

Yes, but there's a few things you'll want to know when looking at the results.

  • With children readings tend to be high. This is because their muscles are still in the process of growing and haven't reached a point of ligamentous stability (this is conceptual).

  • When looking at results for scans done on children, you will need to switch the software to "Balance mode." Balance mode displays the data as it compares from left to right side activity instead of the raw results. Balanced results server as a better indicator than the Normal results, when it comes to exams done on children.

    To change the software to a balanced results you will need to have an exam open. Then, click the "BAL" tab on the right-side of the exam. Click the "NORM" tab to go back to Normal results.

With the Balance Mode exam above you can better see symptoms of "Lovett's Brothers Syndrome".