How to Pair your SERIES-5 device with the VisionHUB


This document shows you how to pair your SERIES-5 (white label) handheld devices to a computer with a VisionHUB.

Before you begin

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the MyoVision software. Download here:
  2. Ensure the VisionHUB is plugged into the computer and have each device nearby and the power switch in the ON position

How to pair SERIES-5 devices to your computer

1. Check that the software is properly configured

  • Go to Setup > Devices > Preferences (or press Control + 1 on the keyboard.)
    • Confirm that the "VisionHUB" option is selected
      • If you have both SERIES-5 and 3G/4G devices see our support article HERE for instructions for a Custom configuration then proceed to Step 2 "Pair your SERIES-5 devices" in this article
    • If the software is not configured correctly:
      • Select the "VisionHUB" option then click "OK"

2. Pair your SERIES-5 devices

  1. When you first launch the MyoVision software with the VisionHUB plugged in, a pop-up window will prompt you to begin the pairing process. Click Yes, to go to the pairing window.
    • If do not see the option, close then re-open the software with the VisionHUB plugged in. 
    • If you need to go back to this setting, click Setup > Devices > Pair > Series-5  (or press "control + 5" at the same time on your keyboard).
  2. Turn on all devices: Turn the Power Switch into the ON position and press the Start Button on each device
  3. Press "Scan for Devices" in the "Pair Series-5 devices...." window.
    • This process can take a few minutes depending on your computer. Your devices will turn off one at a time as they pair.
    • When the pairing process is complete, a pop-up in the lower right corner will appear and each device will say "Paired" next to it.
      • The "Paired" devices will match what devices you own. 
      • If not all of the expected devices paired, turn on all the devices again by clicking the start button and click "Scan for Devices." Below is an example of a DynaROM system with a Single ScanVision.

Note: The SERIES-5 handheld devices are registered to your computer's user account, not the VisionHUB. If you change user accounts or move to a different computer you will need to go through the setup and pairing process again.