Getting Set Up With Skype

For our online training sessions, we use Skype as our form of communication. This article will help you get set up for using Skype and make sure you have the essentials for an effective training session..

Installing Skype

If you have Windows 10, you most likely already have Skype installed, do a simple search from the Start menu.

If you do not have Skype preinstalled, head to Skype's download page and follow their instructions to install the program.

Recommended Webcam

If you do not already have a webcam, or need a better quality webcam, we recommend the Logitech C930e

Computer vs iPad/iPhone

When using Skype, it's recommended to use it on a Computer rather than a tablet or phone. The size of the screen makes a difference when it comes to being able to see proper placement of the devices on the patient.

Stay Up to Date

Keep your Skype up to date and install updates when they are available.

For more information regarding Skype, head over to their support site.