How Do I Enter my Software Registration Key?

Table of Contents:

  1. How Do I get a Registration Key?
  2. How Do I Enter My Registration Key?

How Do I Get a Registration Key?

Did you just purchase a new MyoVision System, Upgrade, or Transfer of Ownership? You will automatically receive an email from with your registration key details. 

Do you have an active software subscription? Customers with an Annual Software Subscription receive new features for free. If you just downloaded a new version of the software, you will need to enter a new registration key. Go to to request a key. 

To purchase an Annual Software Subscription visit our Store Page today. Purchasing an Annual Software Subscription is the most cost effective way to keep your software up to date while continuing to get great features like Text-to-Mobile, improved software graphics, improved DynaROM graphics, and the E-Scan feature.

If you cannot locate your Registration Key:

  1. Check your inbox for the email from (check your spam folder too).
  2. If you can't locate the Registration email, you can email our Technical Support team ( to have your Registration Key re-sent to you or go to to request a copy of your Registration Key.

NOTE: If your software originally came on a CD, the activated version of your software will be tied to your CD-ROM, so you will not have a Registration Key. You will need to purchase a software subscription to access all the latest features.

How Do I Enter My Registration Key?

  1. When you receive your registration key email, launch the MyoVision software, then go to "Help" and select "Registration." 
  2. When the Registration Window opens, you will need to enter the first name, last name and email address exactly as it appears in the registration key email. This information is case sensitive, so it is recommended that you copy and paste the information directly from the registration key email.