Setting Up Escan

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Before You Begin
  3. Basic EScan Setup
  4. Advanced EScan Setup
  5. Setup Your Gmail Account For Use With EScan
  6. Setup Your YahooMail Account For Use With EScan
  7. Setup Your Yahoo for Business Email Account With EScan
  8. Setup Your Outlook or Exchange Account With EScan
  9. Start Sending Patients' Their Exams
  10. Customize Your EScan Message
  11. Troubleshooting and Tips


This guide will discuss:

  • The difference between Basic and Advanced EScan set-up
  • How to setup both Basic and Advanced EScan
  • How to email exams to your patients'
  • General EScan troubleshooting tips
  • How to configure Gmail and YahooMail account settings for MyoVision Escan

NEW Text to Mobile! Once your Escan account is setup, you'll be able to use the new Text to Mobile feature - available as part of Feature Pack G. Your MyoVision software must be running at minimum, version 5.0.160 in order for this feature to work. Download the latest software here. If your software subscription has expired, renew your software subscription at our Online Store..

Before You Begin

Make sure you add the Doctor's Information into the "Doctor Information Setup" so that your Escan emails will generate properly. In the samples below, you can see what it looks like when this information is not provided. See the next steps for instruction on how to enter the Doctor Information.

1. Under the "Setup" menu, select "Doctor Information."  
2. Enter the doctor's information and add any other doctors that will be using the software.

Basic EScan Set-up

A Basic E-Scan setup is where you allow the software to pre-select your Outgoing Mail Server settings. A Basic E-Scan setup can only be used with the following email service providers:

  • Comcast
  • GoDaddy
  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • Outlook
  • Verizon
  • Yahoo

If your email service provider is not listed above, please continue to the Advanced EScan Setup portion of this guide.

Setup EScan

Start the MyoVision software and select Setup > Settings > Email to open the EScan Email Setup window.

On the EScan Email Setup window:

  1. Enter in the full email address into the email address/user name field
  2. In the password box, enter the password that you use to log into your email account. MyoVision will not use this information to send you any additional emails
  3. Choose email service provider from the dropdown box.

If you are using Gmail or Yahoo, there is a security setting you need to change for each account, please see the following articles:

The email service provider box will allow you to select from a pre-configured list of popular email providers. Select your email service provider from the menu and skip to the Send Test portion of the article. If your email provider is not listed, click the Advanced button and read Advanced Email Setup (next step).

Send a Test Message

To confirm this feature is now working, click on Send Test.

  1. Enter a recipient's email address (this can be your own email for testing purposes)
  2. Click Send

If your email settings are configured correctly and you are connected to the internet, you should receive both the test email and a confirmation message. Click OK on the "success" prompt.

If you are unable to successfully send a test email, Click here to see our Technical Support guide on troubleshooting EScan issues. 

Video Tutorial

Advanced EScan Setup

An Advanced EScan Setup is needed if your Email Service Provider is not listed in the drop-down menu under Basic EScan Set-up.

Before proceeding with this next step, ensure that you have obtained your SMTP email settings from your Email Service Provider, and enter them into the following fields. If you are uncertain of these settings, contact your IT team or whomever manages your email server, to check your outgoing mail settings.

Step 1: Enter your Information in the Advanced Tab

  1. Enter the Host name (SMTP [outgoing] Server Address).
  2. Select the Login Method.
  3. If needed change the outbound port number.
  4. Enable/Disable SSL/TLS Encryption.
  5. Select "Create" to save these settings.

Step 2: Save your Email Settings under a Custom Name

  1. Make sure that WinScan98 is listed as the "Save In" folder.
  2. In this line enter the name of your Email Service Provider.

Tutorial Video

Watch the following to see our Technical Support Team do an Advanced Set-up

**If you are using EScan with an icloud,, or email address you will need to have Two-Factor Verification turned OFF. For more information on Two-Factor Verification with your AppleID visit's website.**

Setup Your Gmail Account For Use With EScan

By default, Gmail will block access to the MyoVision EScan process. This section of the guide will show you how to grant MyoVision EScan access to your Gmail Outbox. **If you are using a Business Gmail account, contact your Account Administrator for access to these settings.**

1. Log in to Gmail, click on the Account options (the 3x3 grid) in the top right corner and select "Account."


2. Click the "Security" option on the left. 

3. Locate the "Less secure app access" setting. Click on the "Turn on access..." text. 

4. If this option isn't available you will need to turn off 2-Step Verification.

Send a test EScan from your MyoVision software to ensure proper setup.

Setup Your YahooMail Account For Use With EScan

YahooMail by default will block the MyoVision EScan system from sending emails. This section will show you how to setup your YahooMail account to allow EScan access. **This section is only for users with free, standard YahooMail email account.**

  1. Log into your Yahoo account. Click on the account name shown in the top-right corner of your inbox, select "Account Info."
  2. Click on "Account Security" from the options on the left.
  3. Toggle the switch, set "allow apps that use less secure sign in" so that it is blue.
  4. Yahoo mail may have you verify your identity in order to protect your account.

Setup Your Yahoo for Business Email Account For Use EScan

If you are using a Yahoo for Business email account there are additional steps that are needed in order to use your email account for EScan. You will need to update the Outgoing Mail Server and create an App Password.

  1. Open the MyoVision software and make sure there are no exams open. Click on "Setup," "Settings," and "Email". 
  2. When the EScan window opens click on the "Advanced >>" button.  
  3. Change the host name to "" then click "OK".

The next step is to create an "App Password" for the MyoVision software. To create an "App Password" open your Yahoo account and navigate to the "Account Security" page. 

  1. Click on "Generate app password" 
  2. In the drop-down menu select "Other App." In the "Enter custom name" field enter "MyoVision" and click "Generate". 
  3. Copy and paste the App Password by holding down the left mouse button, highlight the App Password, right-click, and select "Copy" 
  4. Back in the MyoVision software, click "Setup," "Settings" then "Email". 
  5. Click in the "Password" field. Paste the password that you copied from step 3 into this field. Then, click "OK". (If a password is already in the field, delete and paste the new password.)

Setup Your Outlook or Exchange Account With EScan

Before proceeding, ensure you have obtained your SMTP email settings from your Email Service Provider and enter them into the following fields.

If you are not certain about any of these fields, contact your system administrator or IT personnel.

If your exchange email is currently set-up to be used with Outlook, the following links will take you to videos showing you how to find the necessary information inside of the Outlook program on your computer. 

Finding your Exchange information in Outlook 2013

Finding your Exchange information in Outlook 2016

  1. Enter the Host name (SMTP [outgoing] Server Address).
  2. Select the Login Method.
  3. If needed, change the outbound port number.
  4. Enable/Disable SSL/TLS Encryption.
  5. Select "Create" to save these settings.

Start Sending Patients' Their Exams:

Follow the instructions in the tabbed menu below for instructions on how to send an exam via EScan.

Step 1: Open the Exam

Start the MyoVision software and select Open to access your patient database.

Select the patient, and Static scan that you would like to send as an email.

Step 2: Select to Send the Exam

Once the Static sEMG scan is opened, right-click on the opened scan and select Send via Email.

You can also send an exam that you just completed to a patient:

  • Enter on your keyboard
  • F8 or 8 on your keyboard
  • or click on Email Exam

And it will automatically take you to the Email Address window

Step 3: Fill out the information

When the Email Address window opens, type in the patient’s email address, you can also include a CC address, and type the doctor’s email address into the Reply To field. This ensures that if the patient needs to reply to the received scan, that it is sent directly to the doctor’s email address.(Note: you can check the Remember CC, and Remember Reply To check boxes to store the email information) Once you have completed filling out the email information, click on the Send option to send out the email.

If the E-Scan has been sent successfully you will receive a notification in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

Customize your Escan Message:

Don't forget to Customize your EScan Message. (Click the link for instructions.)

Troubleshooting and Tips:

If your email address and password have been entered correctly and the test email was unsuccessful, continue reading for general troubleshooting tips:

  • Some Verizon customers have been experiencing issues receiving messages sent through their MMS Gateway. Verizon is aware of this issue and is working on a solution. Customers with Verizon are recommended to send the exam to an email address via EScan instead of using Text-To-Mobile.
    Some customers have reported having better success using the old Verizon MMS gateway to send out EScans as a Text-To-Mobile. the old MMS gateway is
  • Re-enter the username and password inside of the MyoVision software
  • Log out and log back into your email through your web browser (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox) and make sure the username and password are correct
  • If you are using Gmail, Exchange, or Yahoo: click on the links provided for additional troubleshooting
  • If you are using a GoDaddy email you may need to check the StartTLS box. 
  • Contact your IT team or email service provider to make sure that your Outgoing Mail Server Settings are correct
  • Check for your email service provider by clicking here to view a comprehensive list of the Outgoing Mail Server Settings for all of the major email service providers.