Using Multiple SoloVisions


The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how-to setup multiple SoloVisions for use. The SoloVision device was designed with the feature of being able to use each SoloVision device independently. This allows you to take one SoloVision out for a screening, and keep the other SoloVision in the office to perform DynaROM screenings.

Connecting Multiple SoloVisions to One Computer

Each SoloVision has a label on the bottom indicating what type of device it connects to.

When setting up your SoloVisions you will want to remember which SoloVision, connects to which device-type (ScanVision, FlexVision, DynaVision.) This will become important if you ever need to take one SoloVision off the computer and move it to a different one. 

Each SoloVision connecting to the computer will need an available USB port for the SoloVision to plug into. The SoloVision device should come with a USB cable used to connect the device to the computer. 
If your computer doesn't have enough USB ports you can purchase a USB hub. A USB hub allows you to convert one USB port into several USB ports. 

Using Multiple SoloVisions on Different Computers 

Each SoloVision has a label on the bottom indicating whether it connects to a ScanVision, FlexVision, or DynaVision device. The SoloVision does NOT need any additional power cables. The only cable that the SoloVision needs is the USB cable that connects the SoloVision to the computer.