How to Customize the Escan Email


This document shows you how to customize the email message sent via the Escan feature

Before you Begin

  1. Escan is only available for customers with Feature Pack A or newer.
    • Not sure what Feature Pack you have? Open MyoVision and look in the lower right corner. If it says Feature Pack then you have access to EScan.
    • Don't have Feature Pack A? You will need to purchase a software subscription.
  2. IMPORTANT: EScan must be setup to use the Escan feature.
  3. Make sure you have the latest version of the MyoVision software.

How to  Customize the Escan Email 

1. Edit the Email Subject and Escan options

  • Setup > System > Escan > Options
  • Edit the desired Email Subject in the "Email Subject" field
  • Edit other options if desired
    • Prompt if Escan fields are left blank
      • This will have a prompt that appears when sending an exam if any fields are left blank
    • Create email patient database
      • Creates a local database on your computer that keeps a record of all exams sent via email or text message
    • Image Resolution
      • The Resolution or quality of the exam image
      • Higher numbers equal higher image quality and a larger image
  • Click "Reset" to go back to default settings and email subject
  • Click "OK" when done

2. Edit the Email Message Body

  • Setup > System > Escan > Message

3. Turn on Edit mode

  • Check the box next to "Edit email message text"

4. Edit the Email Escan message

  • The email message text uses HTML formatting and a tagging system to format and automatically load information
    • HTML formatting:
      • Paragraph: Use "<p> (enter paragraph text here) </p>" to designate a paragraph, or "<p></p>" to create a paragraph break
      • Bold: Use "<b> (Bold text) </b>"
      • Italics: Use "<i> (italic text) </i>
      • Underline: Use "<u> (underlined text) </u>
    • MyoVision Tags (Uses the information entered in "Doctor Information" and from the exam)
      • Doctor Name: [DR_NAME]
      • Phone Number: [DR_PHONE]
      • Address: 
        • Street Address: [DR_ADDRESS]
        • City: [DR_CITY]
        • State: [DR_STATE] 
        • Zip Code; [DR_ZIP]
      • Patient Last Name: [PATIENT_LNAME]
      • Patient First Name:  [PATIENT_FNAME]
      • Exam Date: [EXAM_DATE]
  • Click "OK" when done to save
  • To reset the message to default click "Reset"
  • Example: