Configure MyoVision to Automatically Export Exams as Images


Automatically exporting your tests as images makes it easy and simple to add the images to your patient profiles in your EHR software. (i.e. ChiroTouch, etc.)

Before you begin:

  • This feature requires that you have Feature Pack D or later


Go to Setup > Settings > Export Exam

Export after completion

  1. Select the check box next to "Export after completion of exam"
  2. Choose the location you want your images to export to
  3. You will need to select Template if you want to have your EHR software automatically import those images into patient files. 


  • Under the "Advanced" menu you can edit the name of the file for your exported exams.
  • Anything contained in brackets are tokens that the software automatically fills in. Some EHR software may require you to format the name.
    • For Atlas the tokens should be [PATIENT_ID]_[EXAM_DATE_YYYYMMDD]_[GUID_SHORT]
  • If you would like the Patient Name and ID included in the image itself, select Embedded Patient Information
  • You can also bulk export all of your exams if you need them all as images. Select which image you would like for each test and then click Begin Bulk Export


Once you are finished customizing your settings, click OK to exit.