Configuring YahooMail to use with Escan

Table of Contents:

  1. Troubleshooting Yahoo for Business Email Accounts
  2. Troubleshooting Free Yahoo Email Accounts

Troubleshooting Yahoo for Business Email Accounts

If your email host is Yahoo for Business, you will need to change the Advanced EScan settings and create an App Password in order for the EScan feature to work. 

  1. Open the MyoVision software and make sure there are no exams open. Click on "Setup," "Settings," and "Email". 
  2. When the EScan window opens click on the "Advanced >>" button.  
  3. Change the host name to "" then click "OK".

The next step is to create an "App Password" for the MyoVision software. To create an "App Password" open your Yahoo account and navigate to the "Account Security" page. 

  1. Click on "Generate app password" 
  2. In the drop-down menu select "Other App." In the "Enter custom name" field enter "MyoVision" and click "Generate". 
  3. Copy and paste the App Password by holding down the left mouse button, highlight the App Password, right-click, and select "Copy" 
  4. Back in the MyoVision software, click "Setup," "Settings" then "Email". 
  5. Click in the "Password" field. Paste the password that you copied from step 3 into this field. Then, click "OK". (If a password is already in the field, delete and paste the new password.)

Troubleshooting Free Yahoo Email Accounts

This guide has been written to assist with troubleshooting issues getting yahoo email accounts connected to the MyoVision software. There is a setting in yahoo email accounts that must be enabled in order to connect them. 

**For more information on setting up Escan Click Here.**

  1. Log into your Yahoo account. Click on the account name shown in the top-right corner of your inbox, select "Account Info".
  2. Click on "Account Security" from the options on the left.
  3. Toggle the switch, Set Allow apps that use less secure sign in, so that it is blue.
  4. Yahoo mail may have you verify your identity, in order to protect your account.