How Do I Charge My Devices?


If you have a rechargeable FlexVision or ScanVision device this guide will show you how to properly charge them.

Before you begin, check to make sure that the charging cable is plugged into a working AC adapter, and the AC adapter is plugged into a working outlet or surge protector. 

While the devices are charging, make sure that they are laying flat on a surface, 

  1. Plug  the charging cable into the charge jack. The charge indicator light should change to an amber color.

    Charging a ScanVision

    Charging a FlexVision

    Charging a ThermoVision

  2. Most devices will take 3 to 4 hours to fully charge. Once the charge indicator turns green the device will is fully charged and ready for use.

Best Practices for Charging Your MyoVision Devices

Below are some practices to use when charging your MyoVision devices.

  • When charging your devices it's important to make sure that the charging cable is not being bent or crushed.

  • Once the devices are plugged in the "Charge Indicator" will turn amber. The devices are fully charged when the "Charge Indicator" turns green. If your charge indicator is not turning green, you will want to try the steps in the section labelled "Troubleshooting Issues With Charging MyoVision Devices."

Troubleshooting Issues With Charging MyoVision Devices

If the charge indicator is not coming on try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure that the charging cable is plugged into the device and the AC adapter, and that the AC adapter is fully plugged into the wall.
  • Try using a different AC adapter and plugging the AC adapter into a different outlet. 
  • Try replacing the charging cable, if the old charging cable is no longer working the device may not be receiving enough power to charge it.
  • If the device is still not charging after trying the steps listed above, call our Support Team at (800) 969 - 6961 Option 2 for Support,

If the Charge Indicator is turning amber, but never turns green you will want to check the power supply your have your charging cable plugged into, as the device may not be receiving enough power to charge.