How to Configure Single Inclinometer Mode

This document will walk you through how to configure your software to use Single Inclinometer Mode for Range of Motion test.

Before you begin:

  • When in Single Inclinometer Mode, you must use the "Main/Left" device. This is usually designated by a yellow circle on your device.

Setup > Settings > ROM

  • Open the Setup menu
  • Selecting Settings > ROM

Single Inclinometer Mode

In the ROM settings window, select which exams you would like to perform with Single Inclinometer Mode.

  • Clinical Exam - Tests launched via "Start an Exam"
  • Quick Screen Exam - Tests launched via the Quick Screen icon or 5/F5 key

Perform a ROM test

Perform a ROM test to see the changes. You should only see one Inclinometer image or one of the images will be X'd out.