How Do I Adjust How Long I Need to Press the Buttons for During Exams?

New as of Version 5.0.168

You can now adjust the length of time the buttons on your FlexVision need to be pressed in order to start an exam, place a marker or advance to the next screen. By default, the buttons now need to be held longer to make markers, start, or an advance exam.

To check which version you are running:

  1. Click "Help " in the top menu of the MyoVision software and select "About the MyoVision software"
  2. The software version number is listed as the "Installed Media." You will need to be running a version of MyoVision 5.0.168 or higher to use this feature.Click Here for instructions on updating your MyoVision software.

Adjust the DynaROM "Button Hold time" Setting

Adjust the amount of time the buttons need to held down for during a DynaROM exam:

  1. Click on "Setup" on the top menu, go to "Settings," then select "Dynamic" 
  2. A new window will open. Under the "Button Press" section, you will see 2 options: Place Marker and Start & Advance. 
    • Place Marker: how long the button need to be held for to place a marker.  
    • Start & Advance: how long the buttons need to be held to start an exam and advance to the next screen.