ScanVision (AAA Batteries) Not Powering On

This article will help you troubleshoot why your ScanVision devices may not be turning on when you press the Start button.

Power Switch

Check to make sure that the power switch is in the On position.

  • The switch is located in no the bottom left corner of the device.
  • Move to switch to the Right, the On position

Once in the On position, try pressing the Start button.


Check the batteries in your devices.

  • If you have one device that DOES work, take the batteries from that device and put them into the device that doesn't work. This will eliminate batteries as the issue.
  • If both devices DO NOT work, buy a new pack of Lithium Ion AAA Batteries. Make sure that these are new batteries from the store. Batteries that have been purchased a long time ago, while still unused, may no longer work.

Once you have replaced the batteries, try the Start button.

Battery Clips

Check the battery clips in your devices.

  • Remove the batteries from your device and inspect the negative and positive ends of the battery clips.
  • The most common issue is that the positive end has been pushed out of place by incorrect battery replacement.

If you see a bad battery clip please call Technical Support at 1800-969-6961 option 2. The bottom enclosure of your device may need to be replaced.

To avoid breaking the battery clips, when you change batteries, put the positive side of the battery in first and then press down on the negative end.

Still not powering on?

Please give Technical Support a call at 1800-969-6961 option 2 to troubleshoot the issue with a support agent. You can also send an email to