How to use Exchange Accounts with EScan


This walk-through will assist you in using the new E-Scan feature to email Static sEMG scans to your patients, with a Microsoft Exchange email account.

1. Start the MyoVision software and select Setup > Settings > Email to open the EScan Email Setup window.

2. In the area marked with a "1" in the the image below enter your email address.

   In the area marked with a "2" in the image below enter the password for the email address you entered in area "1".

   Leave the drop-down menu marked with "3"  in the image below blank. Press the "<< Advanced" button

3. Before proceeding with this next step, ensure that you have obtained your SMTP email settings from your Email Service Provider, and enter them into the following fields.

If you are not certain about any of these fields please contact your system administrator or IT personnel.

If your exchange email is currently set-up to be used with Outlook, the following links will take you to videos showing you how to find the necessary information inside of the Outlook program on your computer. 

Finding your Exchange information in Outlook 2013 

Finding your Exchange information in Outlook 2016

  1. Enter the Host name (SMTP [outgoing] Server Address).
  2. Select the Login Method.
  3. If needed change the outbound port number.
  4. Enable/Disable SSL/TLS Encryption.
  5. Select "Create" to save these settings.

4. Once you have entered all the information in the step above. Click on the Send Test button to ensure that the settings are input correctly.

  1. Enter a recipient's email address (this can be your own email for testing purposes) 
  2. Click Send. If the settings have been input correctly the following message will display.

If after following these steps you have further questions on getting E-Scan setup Please Contact Us