Cleaning Your ScanVision Devices

This article will guide you on how to properly clean and care for your MyoVision ScanVision devices. Daily and weekly cleaning will extend the life of your device, as well as maintaining proper readings. The MyoVision ScanVision device was designed using the highest quality components, and manufactured in the USA to meet stringent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements.


  • Q-Tips
  • Isopropyl Alcohol

Cleaning Procedure

  1. Remove all electrodes from your device
  2. Dip a Q-tip into a small amount of alcohol and begin cleaning the posts where the electrodes were. The alcohol helps to break down any buildup on the scanner. NOTE: As with all electronic devices, it is imperative you keep fluids from dripping/leaking inside the device. DO NOT oversaturate the Q-tip or press too hard where alcohol could leak inside the device.
  3. Allow the posts to completely dry (we recommend overnight drying)
  4. Pop the electrodes back on and you're all set!

Watch the video below!

ScanVision Cleaning video from David Marcarian on Vimeo.

Common Problems

Improper use of QuickScan Pads: The liquid used in the manufacturing of QuickScan Pads includes sodium. Just as salt on the roads can damage your vehicle’s appearance, leaving the QuickScan pad liquid on the device or on the metal parts of the electrodes can affect the electrical performance of the ScanVision device.

Regular, proper cleaning is your best tool to combat any issues that may arise from QuickScan Pad buildup.

Discolored/Rusted Posts: The cause for a discolored or rusted post comes directly from lack of proper cleaning and maintenance. If your electrode posts look like the image show below, then you will need to send in your devices for post replacement. For information on sending in your devices, go to

QuickScan Best Practices

The liquid used in the manufacturing of QuickScan pads includes a salt. In the same way that salt spread on icy roads can corrode the exterior of a car, leaving the QuickScan fluid on the a ScanVision can negatively affect the performance of the ScanVision device and may lead to corrosion.

Follow These tips to prevent issues arising from QuickScan fluid buildup

  1. Use only one (1) pad at a time and place it on the lid of the QuickScan pad jar. Additional pads have no additional benefit and will increase the likelihood of QuickScan fluid being splashed onto the surface of the ScanVision.
  2. Do not touch the ScanVisions if your fingers have QuickScan fluid on them. Wash your hands after removing and placing a QuickScan pad. Alternatively, use tweezers to remove a pad from the jar and place the pad on the lid.
  3. Remove the electrodes at least weekly to clean the posts (depending on frequency of use).
  4. When replacing the old electrodes with new ones, clean the posts before snapping the new electrodes in.