How do I change where DynaROM Interpretation Reports save to?


This document explains how to change the default save location for local DynaROM interpretation reports.

Before you Begin

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the MyoVision software registered for Feature Pack C or later. Download here:
  2. Ensure that Microsoft Word is installed and setup
    • If you have a new laptop or have never used Word before, open MS Word prior to creating the report to go through the setup prompts.
    • How do I install Microsoft Word?

How to change the default save location for Local DynaROM Interpretation Reports

1. Create folder for Interpretation Reports

2. Open Exam Interpretation Settings, Local

  • Setup > Settings > Exam Interpretation > Local

3. Uncheck the box for "Use Desktop 'My Reports' Interpretation folder"

4. Change default report file location

  • Click the button below "Report Output Location:" labeled "..."

5. Choose new file location

  • Highlight the new file location then click "OK"

6. Confirm the location is correct then close settings

  • The new folder location will show under "Report Output Location:"
  • Click "Close"