Using a Wired Thermography with the Latest Version of Myovision

If your MyoVision 8000 Thermography unit is not responding in the WireFree software, the settings may be incorrect. You will need to adjust them to the correct settings for your particular unit before you will be able to take accurate scans.
Note Before You Begin
 In order to use the Thermoglide successfully with your WireFree software, you must have a Visionport 2 AND the newest version of the software. If you’re not sure whether or not you have the newest version of the software, call the supply line at 800-969-6961, option 3.
 1. Look on your Thermography for the serial number. This number is located on the gray serial connector (this is the part of your Thermography that plugs into the computer). If the serial number begins with a 3, you have a 30k Thermoglide. If the serial number begins with a 4, you have a 40k Thermoglide.

  2. Open the MyoVision software.

 3. Select “Setup,” then “Settings.Choose “Visionport” from the second drop-down menu.

 4. Check the check box that says “Thermo use Visionport.” 
Note: You must have your Visionport plugged into the computer in order to change this setting.
 5. You should be prompted with the window shown below. If you are not prompted with this window,
Click “Change”. This is where you will need to select either 30K or 40K depending on the serial number on your ThermoGlide.

 6. Click “OK” on this screen and the Visionport Settings screen as well to save your settings.

 7. Try your scans again.