What do I do if my M8000 hardware is not responding?

If you have gone through several of the trouble-shooting documents and your hardware is still not 
responding, then your hardware is probably damaged. We no longer have replacement parts 
for the MyoVision 8000 equipment because manufacturers no longer make the components for these 
Note: This article applies to all MyoVision 8000 components including M8000 box, Visionport, ROMs, Static Scanner, Dynamic, and Thermography. 
If you would like to check to see if we have parts available for your device, you can go to 
If you’d like to upgrade to the state-of-the-art, fully supported WireFree system, call 800-969-6961, 
option 1.
Note Before You Begin
MyoVision wants you to have a working system. Unfortunately manufacturers are no longer producing 
components to keep the MyoVision 8000 system running indefinitely. We want you to know that buying 
a replacement (if a replacement is available) may not fix the issue your system is having. We encourage 
you to take a look at the WireFree system that is fully supported before spending money on parts 
that may not help your system, or may only fix your system temporarily. 
Additionally, understand that as technology moves forward it costs more over time to produce an old 
microchip than the newest one.  For this reason, the cost to replace a component (if we have the 
component available) could be part way to furnishing a new system and therefore, may be better 
invested in the newest, fully-supported technology than an out-of-date system.
Call 800-969-6961, option 1 for more information.
General trouble-shooting for all hardware

Step-by-Step – Complete shut-down

Proceed with the complete shut-down of your system as follows:

Note: The wait time for each step exists to ensure that all devices have stopped communicating with 
each other before proceeding to the next step. Though it may seem excessive, the wait times are 
highly important and should be adhered.

1. Close the MyoVision software and any other programs that are currently running.

2. Unplug the M8000 and VisionPort cables from the computer. Wait 30 seconds.
3. Unplug the M8000 and VisionPort from the wall. Wait 30 seconds.
4. Shut down your computer
5. Your computer needs to stay completely shut down for 1 minute. It is very important that the 
computer get enough time to completely shut down. This minute is extremely important. Do not cut it 
6. After the minute is up, turn on your computer. 
Note: Wait for the computer to fully boot up before proceeding.
7. Plug M8000 and VisionPort to the wall. Wait 30 seconds.
8. Plug M8000 and VisionPort into the computer. Wait 30-60 seconds.
9. Open MyoVision software.
10. Re-try scan.

Check for updates to your computer

You should be updating your computer regularly. Many times these errors occur because the updates have not been done for some time. Windows sends updates to your computer every second Tuesday of the month. These are important for the continued functionality of your machine.

1. Go to Control Panel to locate Windows Update. 
2. In control panel, change your view so that you can see many smaller icons. 
3. Locate program, Windows Update or search for it in the search bar
4. Click the "Check for Updates" button. 
5. Install all Important Updates.
6. Restart your computer.
7. Repeat steps 1 - 6 until there are no more important updates to install.  
Depending on how long it’s been since you’ve updated your computer, how fast your computer is, and how strong the internet connection, this process can take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days.
Once your computer has been updated, try your scans again.
Problems you may encounter and parts that MAY repair the issue

MyoVision 8000 box won’t power on – Replacement MyoVision 8000 boxes are no longer 
VisionPort 2 won’t power on – Replacement VisionPort 2 is no longer manufactured.
Scanners cannot connect – You will need to purchase new wires (limited quantity). Replacement 
scanners are no longer manufactured.
Range-of-Motion cannot connect – You will need to purchase new wires (limited quantity). 
Replacement inclinometers are no longer manufactured.
Thermography trigger is not responding – Replacement thermography guns are no longer
Thermography plastic screws broke – You will need to purchase new screws.