What Are the Benefits of Using Multiple SoloVisions?


The purpose of this article is to describe the benefits of using multiple SoloVisions over a single PhysioMonitor.

What are the Benefits of using Multiple SoloVisions?

  • No A/C power needed: Each SoloVision only requires one USB cable and one USB port on the computer. Whereas, the PhysioMonitor requires one power cable and one USB cable. The SoloVision is able to pull power directly from the USB ports of the computer and does NOT require a power cable. 

  • Same patented device: Enjoy the same benefits of your patented sEMG system with only one scanner. 
  • Ergonomically better: 9 out of 10 MyoVision customers using the two scanner sEMG system have switched to the single scanner. Using a single scanner allows you to focus on each scan site individually, resulting in better, more accurate results. 
  • More cost effective: Less parts and supplies to replace each month.
  • Completely modular: If you have a dual scanner, and decide later that you want to expand, simply purchase an inexpensive SoloVision and divide your two Scanners between your two SoloVisions. If you decide you want 2 Scanners, you can always add on a second one for the upgrade price. 
  • AutoScan: Using the AutoScan feature, the software will wait for the patient's body to stop moving before collecting data.

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