How do I Customize the Text Message for the Text to Mobile Escan Feature


This document shows you how to customize the text message sent with the Text to Mobile Escan Feature

Before you Begin

  1. Text-to-mobile is only available for customers with Feature Pack G or newer.
    • Not sure what Feature Pack you have? Open MyoVision and look in the lower right corner. If it says Feature Pack G then you have access to EScan.
    • Don't have Feature Pack G? You will need to purchase a software subscription.
  2. IMPORTANT: EScan must be setup to use the text-to-mobile feature.
  3. Make sure you have the latest version of the MyoVision software.

How to Customize the Text Message for Text to Mobile

Open "Text to Mobile" settings

  • If not currently in an exam in the "Escan Information" window
    • Setup > System > Text to Mobile
  • If currently in an exam with the "Escan Information" window open
    • Click "click here" below "Text to Mobile Carrier:" drop down menu

2. Enter your customizable message

  • In the large text box under "Message" type your customizable message.
    • There is a maximum of 140 characters allowed.
    • Formatting (such as paragraph breaks) will show in the text message sent.
  • Want to customize the image of the scan? See our support article Customize the EScan Message

3. Close out of the Text to Mobile settings

  • Click "OK" to save your Text to Mobile message
  • Click "Cancel" to discard any changes made