What Do I Do If My Device Is Broken?

Devices that were purchased second-hand (not directly from MyoVision) must be re-certified before they are eligible for service. To re-certify your devices Click Here and follow the instructions on the page.

If you are using a ScanVision device and getting unusually high or low readings, check out our High/Low Reading article and go through the troubleshooting steps before contacting the Support Team. High and low readings on a ScanVision device can have different causes and the device may not need to be sent in for repairs.

If your device has been physically damaged from a drop, spill. or misuse, you will need to contact our Support Team at (800) 969 -6961 Option 2 for Support in order to get your device repaired. 

When you call you will want to have the device with you, our Support Team will need to have you locate and verify the serial number in order for it to be repaired.