What is a Transfer of Ownership?


If you have purchased a used MyoVision wireless system, you will need to complete a Transfer of Ownership Form. 

The MyoVision Wirefree System is a Class II Medical Device; which means it is a tool used for clinical assessment. To ensure the device meets "factory new" specifications, as required by the FDA, a re-certification process is required prior to our supporting the product. This will also ensure that you are notified of any legal updates and information that may arise. 

A re-certification includes: 

  1. Full technical support for the life of ownership
  2. 1 year free Software Subscription with features including: E-Scan, EP Stress Score, DynaROM motion graphics & report and new graphical user interface
  3. A full or partial upgrade of your system components to the newest technology
  4. A new 1 year warranty on your devices 
  5. A full cleaning and recalibration  
  6. Necessary repairs/replacements on the radio system to ensure functionality and meet proper specifications. 
  7. Necessary repairs/replacements on electrode connectors
  8. Necessary supplies

For more information and to receive the Transfer of Ownership form, visit our website HERE and fill out the webform.

To Ship Your Devices:

Please ship all devices to the address listed on the Transfer of Ownership form. We recommend shipping your system in the original case to prevent damage. If the case is not available we recommend using shipping foam or bubble wrap and leaving at least a 1” space between your devices and the outside of the box. Ship using a traceable carrier, i.e. UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS Certified Mail and retain tracking information for your records. Please note: any damages due to insufficient packaging will be at the owner's expense.

For an additional guide on how to properly prepare your shipment, please follow this FedEx guide for proper packing methods which can be found at the following link: http://www.fedex.com/us/service-guide/our-services/package-shipment/index.html