Why won't my VisionHUB connect to my computer?


This article shows you how to troubleshoot connection issues between your VisionHUB and your computer. If you need to troubleshoot the connection between your VisionHUB and your handheld devices please see our support article Why won't my devices connect to my VisionHUB?

Before you Begin

  1. Make sure the VisionHUB is plugged into a USB port, USB hub, or USB extender that is connected to the computer
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of the MyoVision software. Download here: https://www.myovision.com/series5-sw

How to troubleshoot VisionHUB connection issues?

1. Check the Status Indicator light on the VisionHUB

  • The VisionHUB should have a solid blue Status Indicator light while plugged in and not in use.
    • If the Status Indicator light is OFF, then it is not recognized by the computer.
      • Unplug the VisionHUB from the USB port, wait 20 seconds, then plug it into a different USB port.
        • It is important to plug into a different USB port as this forces the computer to re-enumerate the system HUB.
        • If you are using a USB extender or USB hub, try plugging the VisionHUB directly into the computer.
      • If the Status Indicator light does not turn ON with any USB ports, plug the VisionHUB into a different computer.
        • If the light does not turn on with a different computer, or is slowly phasing blue, call Technical Support at 1-800-969-6961 opt 2 (within US) 206-448-3464 opt 2 (International).

2. Check to see if the VisionHUB is recognized in the MyoVision software

  • Look in the lower left-hand corner of the MyoVision software. Under "Connected and available system HUB:" "VisionHUB" should be listed in green

Note: The VisionHUB is new technology that has proven to be very reliable in testing. However, issues can happen in the clinic that does not happen in testing. If you are having problems that this support article does not cover please call Technical Support at 1-800-969-6961 opt 2 (within US) or 206-448-3464 opt 2 (International).