Calibrating the M8000 sEMG Scanners

This will walk you through the process of calibrating your MyoVision 8000 scanners to the factory default settings. Previously, we sold calibration cables, that accomplished the same task that is now written into the software. You no longer need calibration cables to calibrate your sEMG scanners.

Note Before You Begin
• The WireFree system’s ScanVisions and DynaVisions do not need to be calibrated, so this option is not available in the  WireFree software.
• If this has no effect on your readings, make sure to check the other scanner troubleshooting documents. This is not the only thing that causes inaccurate readings.

1. Open the MyoVision Software.

2. Go to “Setup” at the top of the screen. (This is above the “Backup” button).

3. Hover over “Calibrate” and select “Static.”

4. A screen opens with an option titled “Factory Default.” Click this option.

5. A screen opens that says you have reset your scanners to the factory settings. Click “OK.”

6. Re-try your scans.