What is the Importance of Quickscan Pads?

What is the importance of QuickScan pads?

To produce accurate readings from the ScanVision Scanner, it's important to reduce the skin's impedance. For example, with an EKG test, a gel is used between the electrode and the skin to reduce the "resistance" of the skin in order to properly transfer the electrical signal to the device's amplifier. The QuickScan pad liquid does the same thing; It provides a strong, solid electrical connection between the scanner and the motor neurons we are trying to measure.

Can't I just use alcohol instead of QuickScan pads?

No. Contrary to what many people believe, the solution inside QuickScan pads is not alcohol based. Not only is alcohol not conductive, it will also cause the electrode posts to rust and corrode. 

If you use alcohol instead of QuickScan pads, you are relying on the alcohol and the salt on the patient's skin to create that perfect reduction in skin resistance that QuickScan pads give.

In conclusion, accurate readings come from the proper use of Quickscan pads; touching down the electrode to a single pad and see the readings on the screen drop quickly when you touch the scanners to the skin. If the bars take a little longer than normal to settle, touch the electrodes back down to the pad. Or use a new pad if dry. See how fast readings are supposed to drop.

How do I properly use QuickScan Pads?

Proper QuickScan Pad usage is very important to maintain the accuracy and longevity of your ScanVisions. 

1. Using tweezers, remove ONE pad from the jar, and place it on the lid of the jar. Screw the lid back on the jar with the pad on top.

2. GENTLY tap all 5 electrodes to the pad and scan your patient. Re-wet your electrodes after each region to ensure conductivity. 

Tips for proper usage: 

  • Always use tweezers or some tool other than your fingers to take a pad out of the jar to avoid getting QuickScan liquid on the device. 
  • It is important to only use one pad at a time to prevent any "splashing" or dripping. Your ScanVision has a sensitive circuit board just behind the electrodes - you do not want any liquid to seep inside. You also don't want excessive liquid to "pool" behind your electrodes.  The QuickScan pad solution can cause corrosion, rust and build up. 
  • Be sure to tightly seal the jar after each use, and minimize the time the jar is open as much as possible. If your pads dry out, adding water or alcohol will hurt more than help. If your jar is dried out, replace it.