Customizing the EScan Message

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Customizing the EScan Message

This article will guide you through the steps to customize your E-Scan message.

Click on the instructions inside the tabbed menu:

Open Escan Settings

  1. Click on Setup, hover over Settings, click on EScan.

Customize the EScan Message

This window will allow you to change: the EScan email subject line, the footer text of the image, and the text in the eamil that accompanies the EScan image.

NOTE: Avoid changing any information contained in brackets. These are fields that are populated with information from different parts of the software.

To change the body of the email:

  • Click on Message Text
  • Check the box next to Edit email message text

Once again, avoid editing anything in brackets [ ] or angle brackets < >.

To denote a new line in the email enter "

" without the quotation marks.

Add the Patient's Name to the EScan Message

  1. Inside the MyoVision software, click Setup in the menu, go to Settings, then EScan

  2. The EScan Settings window will open, allowing you to customize 1) the display text on the scan image and 2) the text of the email that accompanies the Scan. 
    1. Edit Image Footer: To add the patient's first name, type: [PATIENT_FNAME] where you want the patient's first name to appear. To add the patient's last name, type: [PATIENT_LNAME] where you want the patient's last name to appear.

  3. To edit the text that accompanies the scan: Click the Message text button. Check the checkbox for "Edit email message text"  to enable editing. 

  4. When you've finished making changes, click the OK button.

Restore to Default Settings

If you need to reset the message back to default settings:

  • Click on Reset
  • Click "Yes" to the prompt
  • Select if you want to reset Fonts, Text, or Fonts and Text
  • Click "Yes"