End of Life for M8000 Wired System

MyoVision wants you to have a working system. We would like to continue to support the MyoVision 8000 system but after twenty years of support we are unable to continue support at this time. Many doctors still have fully functioning systems that need little to no repair as long as they keep their computer technology based in the same era as the system. Windows XP is recommended. For that reason we have compiled many Frequently Asked Questions to assist you as you maintain your M800 system and we transition our focus from the MyoVision 8000 towards the WireFree system.

If you are ready to transition, too, call 800-969-6961, option 1 for more information about the WireFree system.

Why we had to retire the MyoVision 8000 system

For two reasons, we have been forced to make the difficult decision to discontinue support on all MyoVision 8000 systems.
First, the MyoVision 8000 was designed in 1989 and utilizes serial port technology. Serial port communication is simply not compatible with modern computers, especially with the changes Microsoft made in Windows Vista and the current Windows 7. So, while the M8000 systems still functions wonderfully, computer technology has moved forward and has created a plethora of compatibility issues.
Secondly, chipmakers no longer manufacture key parts needed to continue to support MyoVision 8000. The combination of these issues has forced us to end technical support for the product.

Just as you would never expect a computer manufacturer to support a four-year-old computer, the same holds true with the MyoVision. The MyoVision 8000 first shipped 20 years ago. Twenty years is a long time for a computer system to still function at peak condition. We still have doctors with systems 18 years old using them like new, so even if we can’t support the product through repairs anymore, you can rest assured that you invested in the finest technology available.

But like all technology, the MyoVision system evolved over time and we have developed a new, more efficient, and more effective system. We are looking toward the future as we inform doctors that they can get an incredible deal on the latest technology: the MyoVision WireFree system.

Those who have switched to the new WireFree system have found themselves doubling their business by attending screenings with the impressive ScanVisions, developing lucrative PI practices with DynaVision and FlexVisions, and giving more accurate thermography readings with the ThermoVision. The new WireFree devices are fast, simple, and compile the most comprehensive data so you can make the best adjustments possible for your patients.

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