How to Calibrate the FlexVision

If you have noticed that your inclinometer readings may be a little off, it may need to be calibrated.

Before you begin:

  • Connect your FlexVision system to your computer
  • Launch the MyoVision Software

1. Menu Navigation

To access the calibration settings for inclinometers go to Setup > Calibrate > ROM

2. Calibration

The calibratoin window will have instructions for you to follow.

Important: Only calibrate one device at a time and ensure the surface is as flat as possible.

Begin calibration by pressing and releasing one of the start buttons on the device. The label will change from Pending > Hold Steady > Calibrated when finished calibrating the device

3. Finished

Both devices will say Calibrated! when calibration has completed.

Click on Finish to close out of the screen.