Hardware Issues

In this section you will find guides on how to troubleshoot common hardware problems.


What is causing high/low sEMG readings?
My readings look inaccurate. How should I begin troubleshooting for my WireFree or MyoVision 8000 wired system?
Why Is Only My Left Scanner Connecting?
As of software version 5.0.151,  you can set the software to use two scanners or one. This article will demonstrate how to identify if your software is set to use a single or two scanners and how to change that setting within the software. ...
Using a Wired Thermography with the Latest Version of Myovision
If your MyoVision 8000 Thermography unit is not responding in the WireFree software, the settings may be incorrect. You will need to adjust them to the correct settings for your particular unit before you will be able to take accurate scans.   ...
Using Wired Thermogrpahy
Summary: This article will guide you through the basic steps of troubleshooting your wired VisionPort2  system. If after reading through these steps you're still having issues with your VisionPort system please contact our techni...
DynaVision Channels Not Working
If you just updated your software, and now your DynaVision is only displaying channels 1 and 2 (See example below), go through the troubleshooting steps listed. Unplug the lead wires and plug them back in, make sure that they are fully seated insi...
SoloVision Not Powering On
Summary If your SoloVision isn't powering on, follow the troubleshooting steps below Check USB Cable and Port The SoloVision receives power directly from the USB cable that connects to the PC. Try unplugging the SoloVision and pluggin...
Can I power my PhysioMonitor using my Laptop charger?
Find out why you can NOT use a laptop charger to power your PhysioMonitor
The Bind Light on My SoloVision is Blinking
Learn how to troubleshoot when the "Bind" light on your SoloVision is blinking.
Why won't my VisionHUB connect to my computer?
How to troubleshoot connection issues with your SERIES-5 VisionHUB not connecting to the computer