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Frequently Asked MyoVision Software Questions

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Frequently Asked MyoVision Hardware Questions

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What is causing high/low sEMG readings?
My readings look inaccurate. How should I begin troubleshooting for my WireFree or MyoVision 8000 wired system?
Why won't my SoloVision/PhysioMonitor connect to my computer?
This article will help you troubleshoot why your devices won't connect to the computer and provide easy solutions.
Can I Use the ScanVision On Children?
Yes! Find out how by reading this article.
How do I Clean My ScanVision Devices?
This article will guide you on how to properly clean and care for your MyoVision ScanVision devices.
How Do I Set Up My Wired Thermography Devices?
A step-by-step guide for getting your wired VisionPort 2 setup with the most recent version of the MyoVision software.
What is the Importance of Quickscan Pads?
Do you know why you should be using QuickScan Pads? Read this article to find out!
Thermography - Line and Bar Style Results
There are two ways to display the data gathered during a thermography exam. The results can be set to either Line  or Bar.   This setting can be changed by clicking on the corresponding tab in the upper-right corner. Line  displa...
What is a Transfer of Ownership?
Find out how to get your used or second-hand MyoVision system re-certified.
What are the Benefits of Upgrading my ScanVision sEMG?
What are the benefits of upgrading to the new 3-Piece Rechargeable ScanVision?
How do I find my MMS Gateway (Text to Mobile)?
This article will provide you with a list of different Mobile Carriers and their MMS Gateways . NOTE: If you are unable to send message to a specific carrier please email as it might have changed. We do our best to keep...
What Are the Benefits of Using Multiple SoloVisions?
Find out the benefits of using multiple SoloVisions.
How Do I Transfer My MyoVision Database to a New Computer?
The purpose of this article is to explain how to transfer the MyoVision database from one computer to a different computer.
Why Isn't My Thermography Device Showing As Connected?
Is your VisionPort2 or Thermography not showing up as "Connected" inside the MyoVision software? This guide will show you how to troubleshoot this issue.
Why do DynaROM Electrodes Expire?
This article will explain why DynaROM electrodes have an expiration as well as how to locate the expiration on the package.
How Do I Enter My Thermography Calibration Values?
Summary This support article explains how to enter the calibration values for your Thermography device. Before you begin, make sure that your Thermography device has been setup in software settings. To do this, click on "Setup" at ...
Is MyoVision compatible with Windows 10?
Short answer: Yes! MyoVision WireFree System is fully compatible with Windows 10. If you have an M8000 system Windows is not fully compatible after Windows XP. Please see our support article for why. End of Life for M8000 Wired System If you ...
Proper positioning of probe on body for accurate readings.
The Patented MyoVision ScanVision 5 Electrode Adaptive Electrode Static sEMG was designed and patented with a provide the best skin contact possible through the use of a moving ground.   This moving ground allows the electrodes to always make s...