Database Management

Export, import, back up, and restore your database


Backup and Restore a Patient Database
This article will explain how a MyoVision user manually creates a database backup file. The MyoVision software does NOT automatically backup your database of patients and exams.
How to Import Previous Database (M8000) Using MyoVision software Atlas & Apricot
How to import your database after upgrading from M8000
How to Move an Exam
Accidentally saved an exam under the wrong patient? Easily move it to the correct one.
How to Delete a Patient Profile
Remove patient records from your database that are no longer needed.
How to Edit Patient Information
Change a patient's name, ID, or gender in your database
Backup and Recover Raw Data Files
How to backup and recover your Raw MyoVision data file.
How Do I Find My SQL Server Port
How to find the port that your SQL Server instance is using.
How to Delete an Exam
Summary This document shows you how to delete a single exam (test) in the MyoVision software. Before you Begin Open MyoVision Software  WARNING:   Once you delete an exam it cannot be undone and the data cannot be restored. ...
How to Export Patient Files
Summary This document shows you how to export patient exams as files. Options for export are; Single Patient and/or Exam, Multiple Patients, or the Entire Database. Need to Import files? See our support article  How to Import Patient Fil...
How to Import Patient Files
Summary This document shows you how to import patient exam files (.wst) individually or to import all data files in a single folder Need to Export Files? See our support article How to Export Patient Files Before you Begin IMPORTANT...