How do I...

General Settings

Customize your MyoVision software


Setup, customize, and use Escan

ScanVision Static sEMG

Configure settings for your ScanVision devices

Range of Motion(ROM)

Customize the settings for Range of Motion protocols


Learn tips for using DynaROM features


How to create custom protocols and manage existing protocols

Bind Devices

Connect your handheld devices.

Database Management

Export, import, back up, and restore your database

Network Database

Learn how to set up a network database

Hardware Self-Service and Repairs

Replace radios and bottom enclosures

Online Training

Get the most out of online training sessions and videos


Using Wired Thermography
Learn how to use a wired VisionPort 2 with the most recent version of the MyoVision software.
How-To Replace the Front-End of a ScanVision Device
Instructional guide on replacing the Front-End of your ScanVision.
Upgrade Your MyoVision Software
How to update your MyoVision software.
How Do I Customize Reports?
How to customize your exam reports.
Cleaning Your ScanVision Devices
This article will guide you on how to properly clean and care for your MyoVision ScanVision devices. Regular cleaning will extend the life of your device and ensure proper readings.  Supplies: Q-Tips 90% or higher Isopropyl Alcohol ...
How Do I Turn Off the Check for Update Feature
How to turn off the Check for Updates popup that comes up when the MyoVision software is opened.
How Do I Redo a Site During My Static sEMG exams?
How to redo a site during a Static sEMG exam.
How Do I Set the Software to be Compliant for Canada?
How to set the MyoVision software to be compliant for use in Canada.
How Do I Configure My Software to Work With ChiroTouch, Atlas, or another CRM?
How to export your exams so that they can be accessed by CRMs such as Atlas and Chirotouch.
How Do I Transfer My MyoVision Database to a New Computer?
Summary This document explains how to transfer your MyoVision settings and database to a new computer. Before you Begin MyoVision is fully compatible with Windows 10 If you are upgrading a current com...
How can I change the Motions tested during Range of Motion exams?
This support guide will show you how to change which motion sets are performed during Range of Motion exams.
How Do I Enter My Thermography Calibration Values?
Summary This support article explains how to enter the calibration values for your Thermography device. Before you begin, make sure that your Thermography device has been setup in software settings. To do this, click on "Setup" at ...
How Do I Adjust How Long I Need to Press the Buttons for During Exams?
How to adjust the amount of time the buttons need to be held in for to place a marker and how long they need to be held to start and advance DynaROM exams.
How do I perform a Dynamic EMG test only without ROM?
How to create a dynamic protocol that measures only the sEMG data without the ROM data.
How Do I Install the MyoVision Software?
Summary This document shows you how to download and install MyoVision software for the first time. Would you like personalized help or one-on-one training with your software? Visit our store website Here to purchase. Before you B...