Learn tips for using DynaROM features


How do I Send an Exam for the Online Interpretation Service?
Have a MyoVision expert perform an interpretation report on your behalf.
How to View Exams Side-by-Side
Easily compare two exams by viewing them side-by-side
How to Redo a Motion During a DynaROM Exam
How to go back and redo a motion during a DynaROM exam.
Compare to Ideal Results
Easily assess your patient's test by comparing to Ideal Results
How to Create a Local DynaROM Interpretation Report
Find out how to use and edit the local interpretation reports for the DynaROM.
How to Edit Drop-Down Options in Interpretation Reports
Tailor the drop-down options to your preferences. Change it for one specific report or for all of your reports.
How to Take Screenshots for Interpretation Reports
How to capture and edit screenshots of your tests to add to the Interpretation Report.
How to Change the Scaling for DynaROM Graphs
Change the scaling for DynaROM graphs to view your tests evenly when side-by-side.
Export and Email Patient Test
How to take a test file from the MyoVision software and send it by email.
How Do I Put Together My DynaROM Belt?
This guide will show you how to assemble the DynaROM belt that patients wear around their waist. Remove the belt from the plastic bag. Take the end of the belt that's cut at a diagonal and pass it up through the slot marked "1" ...
Troubleshooting Issues With Interpretation Reports
How to fix errors that occur when trying to make local interpretation reports.
How do I change where DynaROM Interpretation Reports save to?
Summary This document explains how to change the default save location for local DynaROM interpretation reports. Before you Begin Make sure you have the latest version of the MyoVision software registered for Feature Pack C or later. Do...