Frequently Asked MyoVision Software Questions

Click Here to find the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions About MyoVision Software.


Is MyoVision Mac Compatible?
Computer requirements for MyoVision software
Normal and Balanced Results
Read through this guide to find out about the differences between Normal and Balanced Results.
Change the Primary Language Settings
This article will show you how to change the primary language for your MyoVision Software.
Using the Text to Mobile Feature
Learn how to send patients their exams directly to their cell phone.
What Is The MMS Gateway For My Cell Carrier?
A list of commonly used Domestic and International cell phone carriers and their MMS Gateways for the new Text-To-Mobile feature.
Which AntiVirus Should I Use With MyoVision?
Find out what the recommended antivirus software to run MyoVision is and learn how to check if it's already set-up on your PC.
How Do I Enter my Software Registration Key?
Learn how and when to enter your Registration Key in this article.