First Time Set Up

Set up your MyoVision system for the first time! Make sure to complete the online certification course at under "Training."

Hardware Setup

From out-of-the-box to your first scan, Click Here for guides that show you how to setup your MyoVision hardware.

Software Setup

Click Here for guides that show you how setup and use the different parts of your MyoVision software.


Setting Up Your MyoVision System
Get started scanning with this quick startup guide!
Configuring Your MyoVision Software for Single or Dual Scanners
How to configure your software to perform static sEMG tests with one ScanVision device.
Setting Up and Using E-Scan
Email scans to your patients directly from the software
Customize the EScan Message
Personalize your EScan emails
Enable the EP Stress Score for Static Exams
The EP Stress Score displays a summation of all the scores shown at each site.
Setting Up Your FlexVision Ultra System (Dual Inclinometers)
Quick and easy set up for your dual inclinometer FlexVision Ultra system!
How to send an exam using the Text to Mobile Escan Feature
With Feature Pack G send patients their exams directly to their cell phones. Find out how by reading this article!
How Do I Enter My Thermography Calibration Values?
Learn how to enter your Thermography calibration values.
How to transfer your MyoVision system to a new computer
This document explains how to transfer your MyoVision settings and database to a new computer.