Software Setup

Click Here for guides that show you how setup and use the different parts of your MyoVision software.


Download and Install the MyoVision Software
Learn how to download, install, and setup the software for your MyoVision system.
Updating Your MyoVision Software
How to update your MyoVision software.
Can I Install MyoVision On A Chromebook?
The short answer is No. For more information on PC requirements Click Here .
How Do I Enter my Software Registration Key?
Learn how to enter your Registration Key, when you would need to enter it, and how to access your copy of your Registration Key.
Setting Up Escan
Learn how to setup your Escan so you can start emailing patients' their exams.
How to Add Mobile / Cell Phone Carriers for the Text-to-Mobile Escan Feature
Learn how to add mobile carriers for the Text-to-Mobile Escan Feature
Customizing the EScan Message
Customize your Escan message for your office.
How to Take Screenshots for Interpretation Reports
How to add images to your interpretation reports.
Thermography - Line and Bar Style Results
Change how your Thermography exams display their results.
Which AntiVirus Should I Use With MyoVision?
Find out which antivirus MyoVision recommends, how to check if you already have it, and if your current antivirus could be causing unneccessary errors.
Configuring a Network Database in Your Office for MyoVision
Learn how to setup a network database so your MyoVision data can be accessed on any computer with MyoVision installed on your office's network.
Setting Up EScan with a Yahoo for Business Email Account
How to configure your Yahoo for Business email account to work with EScan.