General Settings

Customize your MyoVision software


Add and Edit Doctor Information
Learn how to add, edit, and remove a doctor's information from the MyoVision.
Change the Static Scan Graph Colors
How to change bars and graph color on static scan
Add Your Own Text to Static or Thermo Graphic
Add your own text and information to the Static or Thermo exam reports.
Enable the EP Stress Score for Static Exams
Track your patient's progress with the EP Stress Score
Change the Primary Language Settings
This article will guide you through changing the language setting in the MyoVision software. ...
Configure MyoVision to Automatically Export Exams as Images
Setup your software to automatically export exam as images and save them in a specific location. Used for applications like ChiroTouch, Atlas, etc.
How Do I Enter my Software Registration Key?
Learn when and how to enter your Software Registration Key.
How Do I Check My Software Version?
Are you getting the most out of your MyoVison? In this article we will check the software version that we're running as well as discuss the importance of keeping your software up to date.
Configuring Your MyoVision Software for Single or Dual Scanners
As of software version 5.0.151,  you can set the software to use two scanners or one. This article will demonstrate how to identify if your software is set to use a single or two scanners and how to change that setting within the software. ...
How Do I Download SQL Server 2014 Express?
How to tell if your computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.
How Do I Disable Fast Startup?
Learn how to disable fast boot on your computer. Fast Boot allows your computer to boot faster. It also prevents the computer from fully shutting down causing the computer to slow down.