Popular Articles

  1.  Cleaning Your ScanVision Devices

    Keep your devices running accurately with a weekly cleaning.
  2. Configuring Your MyoVision Software for Single or Dual Scanners

    How to configure your software to perform static sEMG tests with one ScanVision device.
  3. Setting Up Escan

    How to set up EScan to easily email sEMG scans to patients
  4. Why Is Only My Left Scanner Connecting?

    Summary This document shows you how to configure the MyoVision software to use one ScanVision or two. Before you Begin Make sure you have the latest version of the MyoVision software. Download here: https://www.myovision.com/downloa...
  5. One device does not appear bound even though the Connect Status light is green

    Having both devices' Select Switch in the same position can confuse the system, affect your scans, prevent you from binding your devices properly, or prevent the system from staying bound.
  6. Can I power my PhysioMonitor using my Laptop charger?

    Find out why you can NOT use a laptop charger to power your PhysioMonitor
  7. Configuring Gmail to use with EScan Updated

    Changing your settings in Gmail to work with Escan
  8. Why won't my SoloVision/PhysioMonitor connect to my computer?

    There are a variety of reasons why your computer doesn't recognize your SoloVision or PhysioMonitor. This article will walk you through some steps to troubleshoot the issue. Symptoms: "Active Devices" lights on PhysioMonitor not turning on "M...
  9. How do I Change the Motion Sets for Range of Motion?

    Learn how to change which motion sets are done, during your Range of Motion exams.
  10. What is causing high/low sEMG readings?

    My readings look inaccurate. How should I begin troubleshooting for my WireFree or MyoVision 8000 wired system?