Updated Articles

  1. Proper positioning of probe on body for accurate readings.

    The Patented MyoVision ScanVision 5 Electrode Adaptive Electrode Static sEMG was designed and patented with a provide the best skin contact possible through the use of a moving ground.   This moving ground allows the electrodes to always make s...
  2. How do I find Denial Responses on the MyoVision.com website

    How to locate Denial Responses for insurance denials.
  3. How Do I Adjust How Long I Need to Press the Buttons for During Exams?

    How to adjust the amount of time the buttons need to be held in for to place a marker and how long they need to be held to start and advance DynaROM exams.
  4. The Software is Not Registering FlexVision Button Presses

    This guide will help you troubleshoot, if it seems the MyoVision software is not registering your button presses.
  5. The Bind Light on My SoloVision is Blinking

    Learn how to troubleshoot when the "Bind" light on your SoloVision is blinking.
  6. Maintaining Your ScanVision Devices

    Just like your car requires monthly maintenance, so do your ScanVision devices.
  7. What is Muscle Fibrillation?

    Question: What is muscle fibrillation? What causes muscle fibrillation? How does muscle fibrillation show up in exams? Answer: Muscle fibrillation is when the muscles fire at a high frequency and is a response to significant pain.This shows...
  8. What is the Importance of Quickscan Pads?

    Do you know why you should be using QuickScan Pads? Read this article to find out!
  9. How to Take Screenshots for Interpretation Reports

    How to capture and edit screenshots of your tests to add to the Interpretation Report.
  10. How Do I Enter My Thermography Calibration Values?

    Summary This support article explains how to enter the calibration values for your Thermography device. Before you begin, make sure that your Thermography device has been setup in software settings. To do this, click on "Setup" at ...