Updated Articles

  1. Upgrade to SQL Server 2014

    Stay up to date and upgrade to the latest version of SQL Server the MyoVision software uses.
  2. How to setup the MyoVision software to use both SERIES-5 (white label) and 3G/4G (yellow label) devices

    Summary This document shows you how to configure the MyoVision software to work with both SERIES-5 and 3G/4G devices. Before you Begin Make sure you have the latest version of the MyoVision software. Download here: https://www.myovisio...
  3. Configuring Your MyoVision Software for Single or Dual Scanners

    How to configure your software to perform static sEMG tests with one ScanVision device.
  4. How Do I Check My Software Version?

    Are you getting the most out of your MyoVison? In this article we will check the software version that we're running as well as discuss the importance of keeping your software up to date.
  5. How Do I Enter my Software Registration Key?

    Learn how to enter your Registration Key, when you would need to enter it, and how to access your copy of your Registration Key.
  6. First Time Setup - SERIES-5 (White Label)

    How to setup your SERIES-5 hardware for the first time
  7. Common SQL Server Errors and Solutions

    This guide will explain the causes of, and show you how to troubleshoot, the most commonly seen SQL Server errors.
  8. How Do I Charge My Devices?

    Read this article to find out the proper way to recharge your wireless rechargeable devices!
  9. How to Pair your SERIES-5 device with the VisionHUB

    How to pair your SERIES-5 (white label) MyoVision devices
  10. Configuring Gmail to use with EScan

    Changing your settings in Gmail to work with Escan